The compassionate #1 bestseller in Israel that shows parents—particularly mothers—how to teach children to be strong and independent by seeing the world through their children's eyes and feel it through their children's hearts.

Einat Nathan is the mother of five children and a parenting expert and counselor with her own clinic. She first published her book (Haimsheli, by top publisher Kinneret Zmora Bitan) in 2018, and it became the national bestseller of the year across all categories in Israel, making her a national celebrity.

My Everything resonated because mothers read it, cried and smiled, and discovered a way to look at their children as independent people, not solely as an extension of who they are or as a calling card. Now translated into English, My Everything is a beautiful and comforting read that reminds mothers how to be patient with their children, to try to remain calm in an age of constant fearmongering, and to appreciate and accept each child as an individual, with their own quirks, gifts, and flaws.

Einat writes, "Parenthood is like a bungee jump. It's scary and fun, it makes you fly and often lets you down." This book isn't so much a parenting guide as an exploration of the complex emotional journey of being a parent, reminding us of the courage and energy it requires as well as acknowledging that no parent is perfect and at the end of the day, this relationship is about connection.

My Everything is a compassionate, loving answer to The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother to teach children to be strong and independent. Part Conscious Parenting and part The Blessings of a Skinned Knee, this is a book that will transform how readers think about raising children, resonating across cultures.

What's Inside

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"Empathetic, thoughtful, full of wisdom and heart. Positive parenting will make the world a better place."—Gal Gadot
"This book delivers scarce and important insight."—Haaretz
"Einat Nathan is the parenting guru for the millennial parents."—Ahronot Yideoth
"This book isn't afraid to deal with the most disturbing parenting issues, but in a soothing, relaxing way."

Makor Rishon
"Everyone I know who bought and read this book praises it. There's no doubt this is a fantastic book. As publishers, a book that is a steady-seller is the holy grail. In a dramatic and difficult time for our industry, this book is a ray of light!!!"
Eran Zmora, CEO, Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing House in Israel
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