Based on the groundbreaking study that shaved 3 years off the subjects' age in just 8 weeks, a proven, accessible plan to prevent the diseases of aging and reduce your biological age

Healthspan is the period in life that we spend in good health, yet most of us are going to be staring at a 16-year decline that predicts disease, pain, and discomfort—an unavoidable accumulation of indignities and infirmities. But what if aging didn’t look that way? What if you could stave off the diseases of aging by slowing your aging process? What if there was a simple formula to keep you healthy, agile, and energetic?
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald has that formula: methyl donors + adaptogens + lifestyle = Younger You
While there's nothing we can do about our chronological age, our biological age is an entirely different matter. And that’s where Dr. Fitzgerald’s plan comes in. You don’t need expensive, inaccessible, and risky medications to lower your age. With strategic delicious foods and common-sense lifestyle practices, you can positively influence genetic expression. Dr. Fitzgerald’s study is the first to demonstrate that it is possible to reverse biological aging using an easy, accessible nutrition and lifestyle program. Now, she shares the program that study subjects used to shave three years off their age. In Younger You you’ll learn:
  • How DNA is the hardware of your genetics and epigenetics are the software that are constantly running in the background and orchestrating every move the DNA makes
  • How, of all the things that influence epigenetic expression, DNA methylation is the most pervasive and also the most powerful—the equivalent of an operating system.
  • The simple swaps you can make in your daily diet and routines that will promote your healthy and balanced DNA methylation and add years to your life and life to your years
  • The full science-backed diet and lifestyle program that can bring you back to robust, optimal health
With assessment tools for determining your biological age, bio‑hacking strategies that bring you to just the right balance of methylation, lists of key foods that support the formula for reducing your age, and plan for putting it all into practice with recipes, meal plans, and simple lifestyle strategies, Younger You proves that not only can you avoid the dreaded chronic diseases of aging, you can actually reduce your biological age for a more vibrant, longer healthspan.

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