The authors of Skinny Liver offer a new look at liver disease through four types of conditions, with practical plans for liver health–aka "eat right for your liver type."

Since Skinny Liver was published, the prevalence and severity of fatty liver disease has only gotten worse—now one in four people worldwide has been diagnosed with it, while millions more remain unaware that they are somewhere on the liver disease spectrum. Most alarmingly, this worsening trend is also true for children and young people—and since the longer you have the disease the more likely it is to progress past the reversible stage, this is not good news. Now dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick and gastroenterologist Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh offer the latest research and treatment plans to love your liver for life. New research has evolved our medical understanding of obesity, which has been viewed as a primary risk factor for fatty liver. We now know that metabolic health is a better indicator of risk than weight. In fact, there is a movement afoot to change the name of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD; the first phase of fatty liver disease) to metabolic associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD). What this all means is that the focus on treating fatty liver is less on losing weight by following a diet and more on changing how you eat and adopting the lifestyle habits that have been shown to reduce risk of liver disease and the metabolic dysfunction that so often precedes it. 

The approach to treating fatty liver disease is now much more individualized. Regenerative Health introduces the four metabolic profiles—lean, metabolically healthy; lean, metabolically unhealthy; non-lean, metabolically healthy; and non-lean, metabolically unhealthy. Once you determine which quadrant you fall into, you'll learn how to customize the Regenerative Health eating and lifestyle plan to your particular metabolic profile. Not only will you treat your current issues, but you'll also learn to how to prevent more from developing. With practical tips on nutrition, exercise, and wellness, Regenerative Health allows you to discover that you can impact almost all factors that put you at a greater risk for fatty liver disease, putting your health back in your own hands. 

What's Inside

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