Based on her popular workshop, artist, designer, author Laurie Rosenwald reveals her unique approach to coming up with ideas through unconventional creativity hacks and prompts.
How to Make Mistakes On Purpose is more than a book about where ideas come from or how to be creative; it's an entire philosophy of life. People invent new things and have unexpected ideas, big and small. It could be a Halloween costume, an algorithm, or a bestseller. It could be a new profession, app, or software. It could be a more productive meeting, or a new mode of transportation. It could save the planet, or blow it up! It could mean getting unstuck when you're stuck.

How to Make Mistakes On Purpose is an entirely practical way to be creative, productive, innovative. No matter what your job is, this book will give you a way to zag while everyone around you can only zig. But this is not "Ten Steps on How To Zag When Everyone Else is Zigging." It's based on making connections where others do not, giving up perfectionism, letting your mind wander freely, giving in to the random, giving in to human error instead of digital data or algorithms to figure out your problems.

This book is about bringing in the random to help you with whatever it is you need help with and bringing a little chaos to your order. You can't search for a surprise or an idea. You're only surprised when you make a mistake. This book is about putting yourself in a situation where your hypercritical demons are AWOL. It's about putting together disparate ideas and seeing where they overlap.

Using funny anecdotes and stories, examples from her own work in art and design, the mistakes of others that created wonderful things we all use, and some practical exercises and prompts, this is a colorful, inspiring guide to unleashing your creativity by letting go of expectations and your inner critic.

What's Inside

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Praise for Laurie Rosenwald:
"Laurie's voice is fresh sounding, funny, and completely her own."—David Sedaris
"Playing with the Studio 360 staff for an afternoon under Rosenwald's supervision was like eating a certain candy bar, indescribably delicious. And unlike eating a candy bar, it was sublimely useful."—Kurt Anderson, host of Peabody Award-winning public radio show, Studio 360
"Laurie has the most native talent of anyone I've ever met. Laurie constantly reinvents herself, whereas most people never get invented to begin with. She is a jewel."
Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X and Girlfriend in a Coma and visual artist
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