From psychologist and author of Gaslighting​, a practical recovery plan outlining ten foundational steps to true healing
In Gaslighting, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis unpacked the manipulative behavior used by narcissists and sociopaths to make their victims question their own reality and keep their victims in their thrall. Now, in Healing from Toxic Relationships, she extends compassion and knowledge to anyone in the aftermath of an abusive or toxic relationship. Survivors often struggle to heal; their self‑esteem may be damaged, they may feel rage and betrayal, they may punish and/or blame themselves. Dr. Sarkis has seen it all: as a specialist in toxic behavior and personality disorders, she is on the front lines with survivors. Healing from Toxic Relationships helps survivors to understand the underpinnings of toxic behavior and how to move forward, tackling everything from getting self-esteem back, self-care, how to avoid toxic relationships in the future, and more. Dr. Sarkis' 10 Essential Steps are less of a one‑size‑fits‑all approach and more of an accessible framework for healing, one step at a time: 
           1.Block Contact
           2.Forget Closure
           3.Forgive Yourself 
           4.Establish Boundaries
           5.Talk to a Professional 
           6.Practice Self‑Care
           9.Look outward
          10.Prevent: Keeping Toxic People Away
Anyone who is in a toxic relationship—whether it's with a romantic partner, colleague, family member, or friend—deserves a way out and a path forward. Dr. Sarkis offers help and hope.

What's Inside

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