Help your relationships and your body with this definitive guide on sleep for couples—with proven strategies to improve both sleep and relationship health—by a clinical psychologist named as one of the top experts on the science of sleep.

Dr. Wendy Troxel is a clinical psychologist and behavioral sleep specialist whose work is frequently cited in major media outlets as well as in recent bestselling books like Arianna Huffington's The Sleep Revolution and Dr. Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep. Dr. Troxel's mission is teaching couples to prioritize sleep and helping them find solutions to maximize the sleep quality for both partners, whether sleeping together or apart.

Dr. Troxel says "Great sleep is the new great sex." In Sharing the Covers, she shows couples how vital it is to "sleep like your relationship depends on it"—because in many cases, it does. With popular science and an in-depth understanding of a couple's relationship to sleep and to each other on her side, Dr. Troxel leads couples through an entirely different kind of sleep book. She tells readers how to:
  • Manage sleep cycles and sleep disorders
  • Maintain a healthy sex life
  • Decide on whether to ask for a "sleep divorce" and more
A good night's sleep is critical to any relationship. Whether it's stress, snoring, or insomnia that's keeping you up, Sharing the Covers will help couples get back to sleep and get back to each other.

What's Inside

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"This is a very important book. My data shows sleep problems plague 40% of distressed couples. Sleep disorders may even be a cause of relationship issues. Finally a book we can use to guide couples through the suffering. Buy this book!"—John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
'"It has been said that, “Sleep is the new sex". That alone should make you buy this book. But let me ask you a question: what if you and your partner actually need to sleep separately in order to improve how you work as a couple, intimacy included? Is this kind of a, 'sleep divorce', right or wrong for you? And how do you balance the great sleep equation when you throw kids into the mix? Answers to all of these questions, and much, much more, await you in the brilliant, Sharing the Covers, written by THE world's expert on the topic, Dr. Wendy Troxel."—Matthew Walker, PhD, Professor, UC Berkeley, New York Times bestselling author of Why We Sleep
Sharing the Covers is a welcome guide for learning how to sleep with (or without!) your partner, and how to overcome the common, but rarely discussed challenges that so many couples face sleeping together. Dr. Troxel is a pioneer in helping couples find the strategies that will optimize both the quality of their sleep and their relationship."—Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global
“I can tell you that I have saved more marriages as a sleep specialist than I ever would have as a marital therapist, just by getting people back in bed together. Dr Toxel knocks it OUT OF THE PARK with Sharing the Covers. I am recommending it to every couple I see. Its loaded with data, and real solutions for couples to real problems. Its an easy read and could save your relationship!"—Dr. Michael Breus, bestselling author of The Power of When
"Sleep deprivation is a form of torture prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, but it took sleep researcher Wendy Troxel to explore the torture it can be on a relationship when a night owl and a morning person fall in love. Sharing the Covers takes on the huge missing element from sleep research and public information on sleep: sleep as a shared experience and a vital part of a happy relationship. Troxel is also a sleep therapist, so her book is filled with both scientifically-informed insight and practical solutions to couples’ sleep-related issues. Sharing the Covers is a vital book on everything from how to sleep well together to why, for some partners, the truly loving thing to do is sleep apart."—Amy Alkon, science-based syndicated columnist and author, Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence
"Wendy Troxel eloquently addresses how to share the covers, leading the way for couples to engage better together for a good night’s sleep and, in turn, in their relationship with each other."—Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, The Sleep Ambassador®, author of My Daddy Snores
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